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We are Ingegno Transmedia, a young edtech organization that has in depth experience in learning content and learning technologies to deliver this content to global learners. Our experience and expertise in the form of our service offerings allow client to leverage this capability to enhance their learning and achieve their learning outcomes. We work with leading organizations in development of bespoke learning content that is created on the latest methodologies such as byte size learning, learning nuggets, HTML5 (for device agnostic delivery), adaptive content, gamified and game based learning. Our learning technology consultants in tandem with our technology and Help Desk teams design and deliver solutions for globally dispersed organizations to fulfil their training needs such as onboarding, compliance, regulatory, application based etc. was established in 2013. Our philosophy as an organization is to offer the perfect balance of learning technology and solutions with customized content to meet the requirements of our clients. Be it designing eLearning courses from scratch, mobile learning solutions or LMS implementation and integration, we offer the entire spectrum of services in content creation, curation and delivery.

India Grid for Learning (IGfL)

India Grid for Learning (IGfL) is India’s first single sign-on (SSO) & Identity Access Management (IAM) educational marketplace offering students and teachers access to more than 300 learning resources and digital content from 50 of the world’s top academic publishers. Structured on the Global Grid for Learning, which has over 2 million users in 50,000 schools around the world, IGfL is simplifying digital education and creating tomorrow’s student champions today! Delivered on a cloud platform, IGfL enables educational institutions to leverage these academic resources both in & out of the classroom allowing for efficient engagement leading to achieving expected learning outcomes. Build institutional brand by showcasing new age capability that builds student success in academics and readiness for life’s challenges.



Skillability is a learning portal that provides online courses for lifelong learning & skilling on diverse categories across Personality Development, Leadership Skills, Vocational Skills, ICT Skills, Special Educational Needs (SEN) etc. for various age-groups. The Skillability platform allows a learner to learn as needed, for those who are looking for learning or upskilling on specific skills OR build a customized curriculum that will take them through various stages of their personal development. The Skillability platform is developed on a Learning Management System and provides efficient tracking and data analytics to enable learners to track and optimize their growth.

DIYA (Do-it-Yourself App)

DIYA (Do-it-Yourself App) is based on the principles of the Maker Movement, which focuses on creating with one’s own hands, DIYA is a cloud-based edutainment eco-system that allows users to upload DIY-project videos through their mobile phones or tablet devices.. DIYA allows users to search for a project of their interest to see how other users have done a similar project along with providing the ability for users to comments, share and like these videos. DIYA rewards users with points that can be redeemed for gifts and is the ideal platform for students, teachers and hobbyists to collaborate and interact.

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