The Rise of Video-Based Learning and Why You Need to Invest in It?

The Rise of Video-Based Learning and Why You Need to Invest in It?


Video based Learning

Statistics compiled in early 2017 state that the total number of people using YouTube is 1,300,000,000. Every minute about 300 hours’ worth of video content is being uploaded on to YouTube. All social media channels are building in a video option – Facebook has its Live Video option, Periscope branched out from Twitter and is being used extensively by celebrities in sports and cinema to connect with their fans. The crux of the matter remains that video is taking over as one of the most important content formats. According to Bitly, 92% of mobile consumers said they share online video content with others through social media, text, email or other channels. Brands need to use this as an opportunity to promote engaging content as well as build up to live broadcasts using new video apps and channels.

You could be a multi-national giant operating around the world, a small company in a tier-2 city operating with about 50 employees or a private engineering institution with over 1,000 students and about 100 professors, whatever be the scenario, video-based learning can help you complete your internal training requirements with ease.

See the benefits that videos bring:

Quick, Affordable and Easy to Get Done – From hiring a dedicated videographer to shooting professional grade videos using the iPhone; video have come a long way. Today, a simple white screen behind the narrator, a single well-placed light and a narrator with a pleasing demeanour and a steady hand to hold the smartphone are enough to get a fairly good-quality video ready.

Exciting Products — With video-editing tools and animation tools becoming easier to use, there are numerous services that let you create animated story-telling videos. Take for example – ‘Plotagon’, designed to help teachers make their classes more interesting and improve the quality of learning in their classes, Plotagon offers numerous characters, scenarios, and script-to-voice conversion with ease and works seamlessly across major computing platforms.

DIYA from the Ingegno stable is envisaged as a video-based edutainment system that allows young learners and hobbyists to upload videos of their DIY-projects and lets users earn reward points for each approved video. Children learn by doing and creating stuff with their own hands; this is what the Maker Movement also advocates; open up the creativity of young minds and let their curiosity to learn always stay alive.


Learning on the Go – One of the big challenges that we face in developing countries is the access to high-speed internet and the challenge of people commuting long distances to reach their school/college/office. Video-learning capsules or micro-learning modules, also known as bite-sized learning videos; can be downloaded once on to mobile phones or tablets. Learners can view these videos while travelling and ensure that their idle-commute is put to good use!

Attention Span – It is important to hold the attention of your learners, create inspiring and useful video-content that adds value to your learners, do not create a video just for the sake of creating a video. It is extremely important to hold the attention of one’s learner and create videos that will bring back the learner to view the videos again and also recommend the videos to other learners.

Khan Academy is one of the most popular video-based learning resources offering courses across the learning spectrum. Skillability, designed as a life-long learning skills portal offers specific courses for learners, including courses in the ‘Special Education Needs’ category. Courses on Android App Development, iOS10 and Web Design are also offered. Learning by videos and associated online learning resources is a trend that will continue to grow strong.

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Companies around the world are using videos to help get the best out of their employees. Leading schools and universities are switching to video-based learning, lecturers are sharing videos with explanations that students can access any time. Videos are well and truly changing the ‘learning game’ – so are you game for creating a library of excellent video-based learning content??

We at Ingegno have created video-based learning content for a diverse list of clients ranging from pharma to automobiles and publishing to finance. We follow a strict, regulatory design process that ensures that the final output adheres to all quality standards in vogue. Be it creating unique video-content from scratch or creating animated videos from a storyboard, we can help you design the video content that will effectively help you achieve your training and development goals.

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