How to Create a Better Learning Environment at the Workplace

How to Create a Better Learning Environment at the Workplace


The evolution of the workforce is an interesting topic of study among behavioural analysts and professors of organizational behaviour at University! It is also a strong subject of writing for political analysts and radical thinkers. Do you remember the generation before us? Our parents / uncles or aunts who would find one job and stick to the organization till retirement? Or perhaps change a couple of jobs in a 30 or 40-year career? Compare this with what we see in today’s workforce? A job-change once in every two years! Some may be warranted by a company winding down operations; but the vast majority of resumes that I get to screen; follow a specific pattern. An engineering degree, a management degree or diploma and staying at the first firm for two years and then a job-shift every year. As a potential recruiter, this pattern triggers a lot of red-flags! One worries about the commitment that the candidate can offer, will he/she stick to the job, will the candidate leave at a critical juncture of a project, is it worth hiring him/her? These are some tough questions that every L&D and Recruitment Manager has to find answers for every single day!

What is it that motivates a person to stay loyal to an organization and go above and beyond the call of duty as specified by job-descriptions and offer-letters?

  • Is it the salary?
  • The urge to pay all bills?
  • Is it the company of colleagues?
  • Promise of promotions?
  • Opportunity to learn?

It is a paradox of sorts that on one side we see news of massive lay-offs and on the other we see news of rising job-attrition rates. The fact remains that this generation of staffers has lower levels of tolerance and patience and is quick to react, which leads to the ever-increasing demand for a competent and qualified work-force.

Here are some key points for you to create a strong and inclusive learning environment in your workplace.

1 – Create a Strong Learning Culture

Invest in the learning trajectory of your employees by creating a strong repository of learning content in the form of both eLearning courses and printed material. Create a system that motivates and rewards learners and helps them gain domain expertise to perform their job roles with ease. This in turn helps you achieve your organizational goals.

2 – Invest in a Learning Management System

A learning management system helps you run your eLearning and training courses for your employees. As your organization grows you can upgrade the system with ease to accommodate more learners.

3 – Relevant Training Material

Create and use training material that is relevant and useful. Buying standard off-the-shelf courses and then trying to fit it to your requirements, may not always give you the desired results. Take your time and create content that is easy to understand, serves the purpose for which it is created and is easily accessible.

4 – Organizational Culture

An organization is built on trust. The employees who work for you are integral units of your system. It is important that you create an ideal environment that offers a free, frank, transparent and impartial place for people to communicate and grow! Build your organization on mutual trust and respect, not fear!

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