Implementing Spaced Learning in your eLearning Courses

Implementing Spaced Learning in your eLearning Courses

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  • Have you ever wondered why some eLearning courses tend to be more interesting than others despite being on the same core topic?
  • Why is it that courses of equal duration and learning outcomes may need not necessarily be completed by the same learner in equal time?
  • How does one measure the effectiveness of an eLearning course?

We look to answer these questions by bringing in the concept of ‘Spaced Learning’. Spaced Learning traces its origins to German psychologist – Hermann Ebbinghaus who conducted a study on human memory and postulated concepts like ‘forgetting curve’ and ‘spacing effect’. In its simplest form, the Forgetting Curve Theory states that – Information is forgotten over a period of time if it’s not reinforced. This was stated way back in 1885 and holds good even today!

Keep your Learners Interested

Be it a class of high-school students taking up Physics lessons online, or an experienced employee in an IT firm taking up an eLearning course on Augmented Reality; unless the learner is interested and hooked onto the learning; it will just be one more chore for the learner. If the course content is not interesting, the learning outcomes are not going to be met properly and in all due certainty the learner is going to forget what he/she learnt in the course.

Using Spaced Learning

Spaced learning is defined as the repetition of short learning sessions with breaks between the sessions. The focus is on nuggets of learning that are repeated and reinforced in such a manner that the learner does not forget the content of the lesson.

Mobile Learning

With ‘learning on the go’ becoming popular, organizations around the world are investing in specialized courses that are designed specifically to run on mobile phones and tablet devices. At least a conscious effort is taken to create learning content that is responsive in nature and runs fine on mobile devices. Spaced Learning is incorporated by creating inter-linked course nuggets that reinforce learning sequentially and presented with regular breaks.

Repeating Information to Reinforce Learning

Do you remember your early days in junior school? You would be asked to keep repeating rhymes reading them aloud or narrating the numerical tables till you knew them by heart. There is a definite reason why repetition works wonders and improves memory. This concept should be applied in eLearning design as well, by repeating content in different contexts and presenting them in different ways and scenarios so that the learning gets enforced properly.

Spaced Learning in Blended and Instructor-Led Training

Despite a significant amount of training delivered online and through self-paced learning; there are numerous companies that still require their employees to take up instructor-led or blended learning sessions. These sessions give trainers the opportunity to incorporate spaced learning activities by using quizzes, ice-breaking sessions, and case-based scenario re-enactments that help the learner remember concepts of the lesson with ease.

Adaptive Learning vs. Personalized Learning

Making Learning ‘Social’

Have you ever wondered why perfectly sensible adults are addicted to games like Candy Crush or Clash of Clans and keep sending invites to the game or post their scores for the whole world to see on Facebook? It is psychology at play, it is the inherent need to be recognized among peers, of flaunting one’s success that satiates one’s pride and ego that is behind the resonating success of social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Twitter.

We are seeing a growing trend wherein large-scale companies use their intranet or closed learning management system as an internal social network. Users/employees within the organization can post their achievements and also tag or challenge their friends at work to take up a course or a learning module. This definitely improves bonding amongst employees and helps them complete their self-learning targets.

The Ingegno Advantage

At Ingegno, we are focused on creating efficient and credible eLearning solutions that drive organizational growth and profitability for your enterprise. Be it customized eLearning or blended learning solutions, upgrading your existing LMS or setting up an enterprise learning ecosystem from scratch, we are here to help you craft your success story. Write to us at to learn how we can help build state-of-the-art eLearning courses that incorporate spaced learning for you.

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