About Us

Learning in today’s world has more to do with how we embrace technology as much as the core value of the skill/subject being learnt. At the workplace, this is evident as technology pervades all aspects of a corporate culture from email, to dispersedly connected workforces, collaborative platforms including social media and much more. In this context, organizational L&D needs to be able to develop learning content and deliver it leveraging the technological capabilities that not only make efficient but ensure achieving expected learning outcomes.

We are Ingegno Transmedia, an organization focused on end-to-end services in the learning domain with proven expertise in delivering the right level of content to learners through the right technology solution. Our expertise in bespoke content development provides our global clientele with content that is developed using latest pedagogical models and adding our technology capability to deliver this content onto the diverse platforms/devices available to learners. Learners are connected 24 x 7 and access some sort of device that can be used to push learning content to them in the form of micro-learning nuggets, just-in-time learning modules, assessments, etc. Devices provide the ability to capture pertinent data that can be used to build analytics to further enhance the learning experience.

Learning Technologies

Providing solutions for your learning technology needs from simple to complex learner needs. Our consultants will work with you to understand and recommend the best solution at the most appropriate price point and ensure that the solution is future proofed to meet growing and changing needs. Our full gamut of services range from Consultation, Installation, Configuration, Customization, Testing and Help Desk Support. Our practice provides clients with the benefits of learning technology best practices and standards that deliver world class services.


Learning Services

Content is no more King, it’s the Kingdom
Learning Content development and delivery is changing with the way content is consumed, with dynamic delivery mechanisms and the ability to track more information at the learner’s end. The quality, relevancy, efficacy and engagement of content comprise the game-changers that determine how effectively the learner has absorbed and retained the knowledge and experience, and how the learner is able to apply and use the information.
Ingegno’s expertise and experience in the content ecosystem and the understanding of the evolving need for newer, efficient and more exciting ways of developing learning content to ensure relevancy with different generations of learners. We transform base information and raw content by applying Instructional Design models that are suited to today’s learners and devices. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) has changed the way we access/need content, in real time, on the go, where it’s most pertinent and allows for learners to understand how to implement the learning from the content.