uTalk Makes Learning Languages Fun and Easy

uTalk Makes Learning Languages Fun and Easy

The human mind is conditioned to adapt and survive. This is what makes humans stand apart from other living creatures, our ability to string together words, communicate effectively and implement and execute ideas and thoughts into action. Imagine the awe and wonder of the first humans in ancient times who discovered the idea or concept of a language! From the Biblical Tower of Babel to the earliest attempts at formulating rules of use and grammar for a language, humankind has evolved. In a strangely fascinating way from ancient hieroglyphics of Egypt to the emojis in today’s smartphone world; we seem to have come a full circle.

Addressing the Spoken English Challenge

In India, despite having a strong system of English medium schools, a vast majority of the student population is based out of rural areas and tier-2 and tier-3 towns and study in regional medium schools. Even students passing out of English medium schools based out of non-metros, struggle to communicate effectively in English. No wonder, one gets to see signboards and banners adverts for ‘Spoken English’ special classes even in the smallest towns in India. By the time students complete college and get ready to apply for a job, only a small percentage of them are able to improve their English language skills. Therefore all major companies incorporate a module on English communication skills as part of the training designed for fresh campus-hires.

What is uTalk?

uTalk is the app that lets you learn any language, from any language on any device. If you choose to learn online instead of an app, uTalk offers online learning via computers as well.

utalk dashboard

uTalk Dashboard

Learn English with uTalk

uTalk is an app that works across mobile operating systems that lets users pick from over 130 languages and enables them to learn languages with ease through fun-filled interactive games. uTalk is a product from the British firm EuroTalk, which has been in the business of creating language learning products for over 25 years. In its extensive library of over 130 languages in addition to English, you can pick popular foreign languages like Spanish, German, Japanese and French as well. That’s not all, uTalk also has a growing list of Indian languages including Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Assamese, etc.

uTalk’s learning programs have amazing results in classrooms the world over, where they’re used by students at the primary, secondary and higher education levels.

The video above has uTalk founder Dick Howeson explaining how it works.

uTalk’s method of using verbal, visual and fun exercises to teach languages increases success rates. uTalk is the product of many years of research, development and feedback integration from leading educators and the opinion of a diverse population of learners. What uTalk essentially does is it stimulates both sides of the brain through its visuals/image-based plus verbal memory recall exercises. The focus on recalling images and linking them with specific words ensures that learners do not forget the appropriate words and keeps learners engaged throughout the learning process.

Train Your Employees

uTalk can be used effectively in the corporate environment to train fresh graduates and new hires to speak effectively. Be it basic English language training or a quick Japanese or German training programme for a batch of your employees headed abroad; uTalk works as the perfect solution.


Write to us at sales@ingegno.in to learn how you can buy corporate licences in bulk, which you can use to deploy uTalk effectively in your organization.



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