App-Based Learning – Opportunities and Possibilities in the Corporate Sector

App-Based Learning – Opportunities and Possibilities in the Corporate Sector

The moment one talks about apps the first thing that comes to our mind is games! That’s how we are conditioned to think. With the influx of smartphones and stronger internet connectivity on mobile phones, creating and marketing an app is a viable business model. Rovio Inc., which built the Angry Birds app was staring at near-bankruptcy with about 30 failed apps before their blockbuster hit? Today apps are an integral part of everyday life, from booking travel tickets, mobile banking, weather updates, news on the go and social networking, apps are redefining lifestyles in the current generation. This blog post examines how learning apps have a huge potential to change the way corporate learning and training is delivered.

App based learning

Typically learning apps are designed for students in school and university with subject-specific material and explanatory videos. When it comes to the corporate sector, the use of apps for offering learning and training solutions is still in its nascent stage. Here are some scenarios, wherein an app can be put to good use:

  • On-boarding and induction (complemented by an actual HR staffer).
  • Training modules and exercises that can be completed on the go.
  • Actual day-to-day operational functions – ERP on an app!
  • Connected internal network – a secure, two-way communication app for employees.

Let’s be practical, in this day and age, where companies grow in size with branches around the world and employees numbered in thousands; it takes immense planning and logistical efforts to bring people at one place and time for a training. It definitely simplifies the task of both learning and assessment, when the entire component is pushed out as an app. I recently had a chance to talk to a friend of mine who works for one of India’s largest tech-giants as a Learning and Development Manager. He spends a majority of his time, shuttling across locations in India to conduct workshops for staff. He told me that he is spearheading a project that will put their entire roster of training programmes onto an app and this would cut down on the need for trainers to fly across the country.

This is a sign of things to come! Organizations are looking at methods and processes that minimise their operational costs and at the same time offer an enhanced and personalised learning experience for their employees. The LMS will continue to co-exist, but within the next five years, we are going to see a paradigm shift in the corporate learning space, as the emphasis on designing and running micro-learning modules via apps will gain prominence. As and when modules get completed and assessments submitted, learners get instant reports on their scores in the tests. With Indian IT at an interesting cusp of hiring the next generation of employees, it is important that the current employees have a clear learning and progression path in place.  We keep reiterating the fact that a happy employee is the greatest asset that a company can possess and happy employees drive growth and can make an organisation achieve its goals.

Apps will also effectively help employees and managers complete tasks like submitting daily reports, internal messaging and submitting and approving leave requests. Imagine a future wherein an employee appraisal works in the same way as you review a restaurant on Zomato? You answer pre-defined questions, submit your answers and rate yourself to be reviewed by your team-lead! Fascinating is it not? Apps will not just remain as an added ornament of the corporate world but turn into an integral part of the entire work-life-balance ecosystem.

App-based learning is where the future of corporate learning lies! What are your thoughts on this? Share your inputs in the ‘Comments’ section!



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