Is your Learning Management System Secure?

Is your Learning Management System Secure?


One of the key points of concern in the build-up to the U.S. Presidential election was the leaking of highly confidential emails. Analysts believe that the leaks and the purported disclosure of the content of these emails proved detrimental to the chances of one of the contenders and eventually the Trump-era commenced. As the USA and the rest of the world comes to terms with the political drama in the USA and the accusations and counter-accusations that seem to fly thick and hard; we need to realize that data-security is a serious issue. It is believed that in the USA alone, the year 2016 saw 800 major data breaches that exposed over 169 million user-credentials. Remember the Ashley-Madison data-breach of 2015 and the Zomato user-data hacking earlier this year. These incidents are not isolated and highly trained and tech-savvy hackers are on the look-out to target careless users!

With all this in context, ask these questions to yourself –

  • How secure is your organization’s LMS?
  • Is your LMS hosted on the cloud?
  • Does your LMS offer secure log-ins?
  • How many employees bring their own device to learn?
  • How many employees use the LMS from outside the office-network?
  • Are the courses deployed on the LMS accessed via the employees’ mobile devices as well?
  • What firewalls and anti-virus software packages have been deployed?
  • Has there ever been an attempt to breach your LMS?
  • Does your LMS implementation partner offer guidance to you on the security aspects?

How to Overcome Security Threats?

The LMS remains the core around which an organization’s learning strategies are built and courses delivered. The LMS works as the medium from where learning is managed, deployed, tracked, monitored, assessed and reported on. Those choosing to use a blended learning approach can also manage it through the LMS. So how does one ensure that the LMS remain secure and protected from hacker-attacks?


Ensure that all those who access the LMS get access to only the areas that they need to access. Deploy firewalls and strong anti-virus packages. Those who bring their own devices to access the LMS should have their devices screened and protected adequately. Those accessing the LMS through mobile phones should also have their mobile phones protected adequately by a proper mobile anti-virus software. Periodic scans of all devices ensure that threats if any are detected and malware removed.

This may seem trivial, but one key task that all employees need to rigidly follow is to change their access password on a regular basis! You would be surprised to know that over a third of respondents in a cyber-safety survey said that their email password was ‘Hello123”! So, let us not be lethargic and ensure that everyone follows cyber-safety best practices to ensure security!

Integrating mobile app capabilities to run assessments and linking them back to the LMS can be a chore. It would be better to create and deploy independent apps that users can access to take up assessments at their convenience. One can also create apps that curate the best learning tips that can be delivered to learners at an appropriate time. This is something like a ‘Flipboard’ like tool that scours the World Wide Web for news and articles pertaining to the learners’ courses. The app can list out news, videos and scholarly articles based on the learners’ preferences.

Independent cyber-safety audits, ideally once in six months are recommended. These audits can spot out any failings within the system and these can then be fixed appropriately. Always opt for a LMS vendor who offers security and maintenance support. This may seem like an added up-front cost to your finance team; but trust us – this can save you a lot of hassles in the future.

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