Learning Technologies


Deploying your first LMS? Or want to leverage the capabilities of the existing one? Our consultants will work with you to develop a solution, which can be implemented with the least impact to your organization. Our expertise includes enterprise learning platforms, Learning Management Systems (LMS), Learning Content Management Systems (LCMS), simulation tools and services, authoring tools, virtual classroom, courseware development services, learning publishing and distribution systems, informal or social learning platforms etc. Ingegno will facilitate the overall process and handhold the client stakeholders from concept to selection, following a time-tested methodology. Throughout the process, we share lots of best practice information to make sure the client doesn’t spend too much by over-scoping needs versus wants.

Our consultants can provide expertise on various deployment models such as Enterprise (behind the firewall), Cloud based or SaaS.

Learning Platform Implementation

Ingegno will provide the expertise and capability to implement, install your preferred/selected LMS or LCMS or other learning platform either as an on premise or a cloud hosted deployment model. Our implementation specialists will work with your IT and Learning Departments (the business owners of the learning application) on what is the best sizing and implementation model that works for you, aligning to organizational policies on security, privacy and network restrictions for users. Sizing of the hardware can be provided as a distinct service where our specialists will define the hardware configurations, bandwidth and end user configurations required for the most optimized user experience. Alternatively our consultants can provide recommendations that can then be implemented by your IT teams. The infrastructure or the hardware will consist of the data center, networks, servers, bandwidth, routers, switches, operating system, database etc.

Implementation of the learning application will consist of installing the learning application, associated app or web servers and fine tuning them, as per recommendations. This will apply for both on premise and cloud hosted models.

Configuration and Data Uploads

Ingegno’s implementation team will implement the configurations required for the learning application, completing a process where the learning consultant would have already mapped the specific requirements to the learning application and the workflows that need to be enabled for your organization’s requirements. The configurations will be done on the installed application and the first set of data uploads completed for first time use. In the case where data will be fed by a Human Resource or Finance system, the integrations will be handled either as a configuration or a customization depending on the learning application’s capabilities.


In addition to the feature/functionality customizations that Ingegno can provide, we also provide reporting capabilities that allow for development of new reports, custom built for specific needs. The custom reports will be available as a pull or push report once it has been developed and configured. Business Analytics can also be provided as part of the reporting service to client stakeholders as required.

Help Desk

Our Help Desk Support services provide full administrative support for organizational Learning and Development activities that need support on the Learning platforms. We operate as an extended version of your learning platform support and provide both administrator/instructor and end learner support. Support can range from issues with the platform such as bugs, to providing support on how to use feature/functionality on the platform. Ingegno provides a ticket based service where your organizational administrators can have Ingegno Help Desk staff manage your daily administration needs such as uploading a course, assigning users to courses, setting up new notifications, modifying/creating new rules etc. The Help Desk follows an ITIL standard to adopt industry best practices for organizations.