Points to Remember when Opting for a New Learning Management System

Points to Remember when Opting for a New Learning Management System



  • Are you looking to migrate to a new learning management system from your existing LMS?
  • Are you debating the need to invest in an efficient LMS for your organization?

Lost in the sea of options available from tech-companies from around the world and confused as to pick which LMS? Well, don’t worry, we have created this post as a ready-reckoner for you to help decide on the best LMS that matches your requirements.

Do you need an LMS?

First things first, do you really need an LMS for your organization? Are you sure that it would not just be a cosmetic addition but actually be useful for your employees and drive growth and profitability? Learning Management Systems are platforms that give organizations the ability to train, teach, manage and track learners. Only if you are sure that investing in an LMS will add value to your organization and your employees take the step of looking for the right LMS. If you are a small organization with around 50 employees, then perhaps an LMS would need not necessarily be a mandatory requirement for you. So be thorough in your requirement-analysis before taking the big step of hunting for the perfect LMS.

Cloud or On-Premise Implementation

The first question that pops up is should I go for a cloud-based LMS or an on-premise installation of the LMS. The market is full of technology companies offering both kinds of LMS implementations. A cloud-based installation will cost you lesser and will save you time, space and man-power. On-premise installation brings added associated costs but larger organizations prefer this type of installation for their own compliance and security protocols and also for the ease of transfer of data when opting for a new service provider. Please note that a dedicated cloud or private cloud-based installation of an LMS can also prove costly when compared to a shared-cloud installation.

Seamless Integration of Existing Courses

Do your due diligence and verify if all your existing courses can be integrated with ease with details of all learner data in the new LMS. Often, we notice that when switching to a new LMS a fair bit of data stored in the earlier LMS is lost. This can be a deal-breaker and causes a lot of heartburn for the technical team and the L&D manager as valuable course-completion data is lost.

User-Friendly or Feature-Rich LMS?

When the vendor comes for a demo they will use a number of technical terms to describe the efficiency and advantages of the LMS that they are trying to sell you. The LMS could be built using open-source technology or be a proprietary software. Remember the core purpose for which you are investing in an LMS, don’t end up buying something that’s extremely complicated for the intended-users; it will defeat the very purpose of your investment. A number of products offer – in-built authoring tools and content distribution tools that are built into the LMS. Of late we are also seeing companies adding a ‘social learning quotient’ into their products, which is preferred by a lot of organizations. Ask for enough demos to understand what you are buying and buy the product that best suits your needs.

To conclude, see if the following points are covered:

  • An LMS that works as designed and accommodates your user-needs.
  • Supports your existing content and user-data.
  • Compatible to run all standard eLearning courses and supports standards like SCORM and xAPI.
  • Ability to work efficiently on mobile phones and tablet devices as well.
  • Easy-to-use and intuitive interface that everyone understands.
  • Real-time tracking and reporting of user-data.
  • Ability to modify, transfer and upgrade data and course content with ease as per business needs.
  • Bandwidth and functionality to scale up or scale down when required.
  • Dedicated service support and help-desk services to investigate and troubleshoot issues.
  • Cost-effective and a wise investment that equates over time.

The Ingegno Advantage

At Ingegno, our core expertise lies in the implementation of LMS and LCMS (learning content management system) for enterprises both big and small. With a dedicated team of experts with demonstrated expertise in deploying LMS solutions for organizations as varied as pharma companies and non-profit institutions; we can help analyze your needs and provide you a robust LMS that will meet your requirements. We are authorized partners for both Totara Learn and Brightspace by D2L and offer end-to-end LMS implementation and support services. Write to us today at sales@ingegno.in for help with your LMS requirements.



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