Making Micro Learning Work

Making Micro Learning Work

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In our earlier blog posts, we have examined in detail, the growth of micro learning in corporate eLearning and training schedules and how more companies are looking to build ‘nuggets of learning’ that can be delivered with ease on smartphones and tablet devices.  Today, we continue to expand on the topic and look at ways to make micro learning refreshing, outcome-oriented and result-driven.

Design to Look Good on Smaller Screens

The very purpose of micro learning is to make learning accessible on smartphones. So, ensure that the design is intuitive and mobile-friendly and makes for easy viewing on smaller screens. The day is not far where every aspect of completing an eLearning course shifts to the smartphone. Ensure that the content is device-agnostic and works on all major mobile operating systems.

Learn more about your Learner

Unless it is a case of mandatory training wherein the learner has to complete a specific number of modules/courses; it is important to gauge the learners’ skill-sets first. This can be done by having a brief questionnaire at the beginning of the introductory micro-learning module. Based on the responses, the micro-learning module can commence. This is an example of adaptive learning working seamlessly.

Ensure Continuity

One key area that causes micro-learning modules to fail is the lack of continuity. When a bigger course is broken down into smaller modules it is of paramount importance to ensure that the continuity remains and a seamless learning experience is offered. One also needs to remember that micro learning works in tandem with larger learning modules or macro-learning modules. It is important to strike the perfect balance and ensure that the pre-defined learning outcomes are achieved.

Granular Learning and Granular Certifications

The very purpose of micro learning is to make learning simpler in easily accessible bits of information that can be studied at ease. Now the problem for trainers and L&D specialists is to retain the interest of the learner and ensure that the learner completes a full set of micro-learning modules and complete the designated course. One idea that’s finding favour is to offer micro-level certifications for a bunch of similarly structured micro learning modules. These can be offered as a digital badge that the learner can use and on completion of the entire course a regular certificate can be issued. This technique can really help drive course-completion rates and also boost the engagement and interest-levels of learners.

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Social Learning

Add in the social quotient, allow learners to share their course-completion or learning-level completion details on social networks. This satiates the ego and also works as a powerful motivational tool for others to take up a similar course within an organization.

Tracking and Analytics

Data, data and more data! Well ‘data’ is the golden word now and eLearning is no different. It is important to track learner data, in terms of how long do they take to complete the course, which course shows poorer completion rates, which course is most popular, etc. One other important aspect that needs clearer tracking is if a learner is to effectively apply the learning acquired in a course in completing his/her tasks and shows improved performance in terms of work-output and its quality. Micro learning modules bring with them their own challenges of proper tracking and linking them back to the core LMS or central monitoring system. It is essential that the module is designed in such a way that all activities are properly tracked and data stored in a secure manner.

Quality Content Packaged Properly

As always, the quality of the content powering the course matters the most. All the fancy designs and tracking tools built into the system will be of no help if the content is not aligned to the desired learning outcomes. A good course is the one that stays in the mind of the learner and offers a spontaneous learning experience.

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