Offline LMS Mobile App

Provide your enterprise users with the ability to consume content on their mobile device using an offline/online mobile LMS app. Ingegno provides seamless ways to deliver e-content to its users who have limited/ no connectivity. We provide offline synchronization for SCORM based contents in conjunction with your LMS and SCORM Engine to bring learning to your users, no matter where they are.

There is no need to change your existing LMS. Our mobile app integrates with almost any standard LMS application with web services and API capabilities.

Now users can download their content in a secure way & synchronize usage, when connected with WiFi/3G or internet. Users can download content for offline viewing when connected online. The mobile app keeps a track record of all the work done, so as to synchronize with the LMS server when the user comes online.

Offline App is available for android, iOS devices.

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