Overcoming Challenges that Modern-Day Managers Face

Overcoming Challenges that Modern-Day Managers Face

overcoming challenges at work

The designation ‘manager’ is a cherished one! The growth of the KPO segment and mushrooming call centers across India saw the rise of designations like TL – Team Lead/Leader, ATL (Assistant TL). Despite all the new fancy titles being bandied about by various organizations; the one position that everyone cherished was ‘Manager’.  A manager guides a team to achieve its goals and it can be an extremely strenuous job. Today we look at some of the primary challenges that managers face at the modern workplace and also examine steps that can help them overcome these challenges!

Retaining the Best Talent

We will leave the hiring part to the recruitment team that screens applicants and takes them through the interview process with the respective department heads. The key worry for modern-day managers is the problem of talented team-members leaving the organization. This is a problem that plagues most organizations across industry-sectors and there is no clear and direct fix for this problem. It is not just about the money alone anymore; employees need motivation and challenges that keep them busy and occupied. Additionally, the right training at the right time and a clear rewards and recognition program, boosts morale and keeps employees happy.

T for Training

HR and L&D Managers are now straddling two different problems:

1 – How to make fresh graduates – job-ready?

2 – How to keep experienced employees up-to date with new technologies?

The answer for both questions is – ‘Training’. Adequate and efficient training programs that ensure that both fresh graduates and experienced employees are equipped with all the skills that are needed for them to complete their work efficiently. Modern workplace training goes beyond the traditional instructor-led and closed conference room sessions. Micro learning and mobile learning solutions that can be accessed by learners anywhere and anytime are extremely popular among learners. These can be accessed while travelling or when relaxing at home and do not place a physical presence constraint on the learner. Where required, blended learning modules using an actual trainer also play their part. If an organization invests wisely in training its employees, the organization is sure to grow together as a whole and achieve its goals.

(Learning) Performance Management System

Come appraisal time and everyone bandies about strange acronyms and abbreviations and goes about filling up sheets with data and digs through emails to recover congratulatory client emails to be added in appraisal forms. This is usual practice across organizations big and small. What would really drive efficiency is a performance management system that is linked back to the training delivered via a learning management system. Every single course that an employee takes and completes is linked backed to the ability or speed with which the employee successfully completes a task/project. This helps in multiple ways; if the training delivered is not sufficient, the employee takes up additional courses. Despite this if he/she is not able to work efficiently, the employee is put through a high-performance training under a qualified mentor and given the opportunity to improve. If this also fails, then the management takes a call and terminates the services of the employee.

Wherever there is a clear indicator of improvement and enhanced efficiency reflecting in the quality of the output of work and better turnaround times for completing and delivering a project; the team or the employee can be appropriately rewarded with a better increment/hike in the annual appraisal.

Data Drives Growth

Yes, statements like ‘Data is the new oil’ well and truly matter and are relevant in today’s data-driven world. Everyone wants statistics and numbers and it is important to capture data accurately to put into algorithms and predictive models to plan training schedules as well. Data about which courses work better and which don’t work well enough can help L&D managers raise requests for fresh courses. Course-completion information can be fed into the LMS to trigger alerts to employees to sign up for new courses that can help them work better. Performance data can be fed into the payroll-system to structure bonuses. Data will continue to gain prominence and at the risk of sounding like a bad Orwellian nightmare – ‘eventually we are all a statistic’!

The Ingegno Advantage

At Ingegno, we offer a unique blend of learning technologies and solutions. Be it setting up an enterprise learning ecosystem from scratch, upgrading your existing LMS or LCMS, providing support for your LMS or creating new customized training content for your organization; we can help you achieve your organizational goals with ease. With demonstrated experience in completing projects in the pharma, publishing and IT sector, you can rest assured of our commitment to quality work. Write to us at sales@ingegno.in for a quick consultation on how we can make life easier for your HR and L&D Managers.



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