• DNA Profiling
    DNA Profiling

    This sample eLearning module explains how DNA profiling helps detective agents in criminal investigation. The course consists of case studies, text and image animation, interspersed interactivities, intermediate assessments and final assessments. It also provides additional learning support elements such as glossary and external Links.

  • Grade 5 English
    Grade 5 English

    This HTML sample demonstrates a multimedia book on ‘English’ for Class K-8 students through content pages, interactive exercises, audio and video elements. It helps both the students and teachers to present the content in a digital environment. It presents the pages in each unit in the English text book as easily navigable HTML pages with audio and interspersed interactivities.

  • Body Parts of a Car
    Body Parts of a Car

    This activity is designed to identify various body parts of a car. Initially, the activity shows an outline image of a car along with place holders for labels pointing each part. The labels for each part of the car are given at the bottom as draggable objects. The learner needs to drag each label to the correct placeholder. As the user drags the labels to the correct placeholder, the label sticks there and reveals the part on the outline. When the user drops a label in a wrong placeholder, a diagnostic feedback appears and the label moves back to its place.

  • Evolution of Automobiles
    Evolution of Automobiles

    This activity describes the major developments in the evolution of automobiles. The activity starts with a simple introduction animation and then shows the major years in the history as milestones. The user can click each milestone to view the developments that have happened in the year.

  • A Left Shift of the Demand Curve
    A Left Shift of the Demand Curve

    This animation explains the effect of a left shift of the demand curve on the equilibrium. The animation starts with a sample demand-supply curve on a graph. Then the animation explains how a shift in the demand curve to the left affects the equilibrium quantity and the price of a commodity.

  • Four-Stroke Internal Combustion Engine
    Four-Stroke Internal Combustion Engine

    This animation explains the working of a four-stroke internal combustion engine. The animation starts with the intake stroke that shows how the fuel-air mixture enters the combustion chamber. The animation proceeds to the compression stroke and explains how the fuel-air mixture gets compressed in the chamber. Then the animation shows ignition stroke, where the spark plug ignites the fuel-air mixture leading to a downward movement of the piston. Finally, it shows the exhaust stroke, where the burnt fuel-air mixture is expelled through the exhaust valve.

  • Immediate Hypersensitivity
    Immediate Hypersensitivity

    This animation shows the various steps of type-I immune reaction or immediate hypersensitivity. The animation explains how the first exposure of an antigen stimulates B cells by secreting immunoglobulin antibodies. Then the animation shows how these antibodies function in the event of subsequent exposures of the same antigen.

  • Personal Fall Arrest Systems
    Personal Fall Arrest Systems

    This animation explains the importance of personal fall arrest systems when working in elevated places. It lists various components of personal fall arrest systems. It also explains how these components work in the event of falling from a height.

  • Big Thoughts for Little People
    Big Thoughts for Little People

    This ePub3 sample is targeted at kids from 3 to 7 years to teach bible verses through alphabets. This shows a snapshot of various features available in the ePub3 format such as Audio Read Aloud, animations, interactivities and assessments.

    Please download the .ZIP file (50.3 MB) to your local directory and extract the file to view the sample. The ePub3 sample is best viewed in iPad through the iBook App. For viewing the sample in desktops and laptops, please download the ‘Readium’ reader for Google Chrome here.