How to Select the Ideal Learning Management System

How to Select the Ideal Learning Management System


With organizations growing in terms of size and operations it is essential for each firm to have its own core culture and internal training system in place. Learning at the workplace has evolved to a fair extent in the past decade and now most organizations dedicate and mandate a specific number of learning hours for each employee. It is the duty of the employees to make use of the time to up-skill and learn new technologies and acquire knowledge that can help them grow within the organization.

Why Does an LMS Matter?

First, consider the various sources of information and knowledge that employees would use to learn something? YouTube, Google, Technology Blogs, GitHub are some of the most common names that come up. Now consider yourself to be an individual looking for something specific and you spend precious time looking for the right source of information across various websites. You spend a lot of time and you may also tend to get distracted by something else that may pop in your search-results. Now consider an alternative scenario where the LMS implemented within your organization directs you to the specific source of information that you are searching for with a few targeted keywords that you enter into the system! This is what an LMS does, saves time, creates efficiency in the employee and improves his/her productivity.

Which is the Best LMS for my Organization?

This is the most important question that you will have to answer! It depends on your staff-size, your plans in terms of increasing man-power, the number of courses that you wish to showcase, access privileges to learners, game-based learning, social sharing facilities built into the LMS, integration of existing CRM or ERP systems within the new LMS. You need to examine all the points listed in the previous sentence before you take a call along with the most important factor – how much can you spend on the LMS!

At Ingegno, we have worked across different industry sectors ranging from pharma to banking and higher education to government organizations in terms of LMS implementation and support. Currently we have an interesting limited period trial offer running that lets your organization implement and run Brightspace by D2L for a month and test its capabilities with ease. Empower your employees with useful courses via a cutting-edge LMS and watch their productivity increase!

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