Using Technology to Improve Parent-Teacher Communication

Using Technology to Improve Parent-Teacher Communication

As a young student, I dreaded the ‘Parent-Teachers Meeting’.  This would be the day when my Maths and Science teachers would complain about my absolute lack of interest in class to my parents and I would stare at the floor like a cornered cat not knowing what to do. Nearly two decades after passing out of school, things have changed a fair bit. Most mid-range schools have invested in an SMS solution that sends messages to the phones of their parents. Bigger schools with better infrastructure use email effectively to communicate with parents. In today’s blog post we look at how technology is changing the way education is being delivered and how parent-teacher communication modes are changing for the better!

Learning Management System – An End to all Worries

Leading institutions around the world are switching to powerful paid LMSes that offer a great degree of flexibility and customization. From putting up annual lesson plans, assessments and complete presentations and videos outlining the syllabus; LMSes are powerful tools that shift a major part of the teaching and learning process online. Students are able to access their learning content, anywhere and anytime. Parents can track the progress of their children and see how they can help encourage or boost the morale of their children. Forums or message-boards built into the LMS allow students to raise questions online and get answers from their teachers either in-person or within the forum itself. The possibilities that structured learning content offers within a well implemented LMS are truly endless.

Parents can have a separate portal created within the core LMS, which will let them access progress reports, class behaviour details, assignment-status, and attendance regularity reports. etc. When all of this is offered via secure server; it addresses privacy and security issues as well.

Communication Tools

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WhatsApp groups can be cumbersome and tiring to follow. A simpler solution is for institutions to use tools built into the LMS to trigger alerts about vacations, special events, test-dates, etc, and send them to the parents’ phone and email address. Institutions in the USA and the UK are taking this to the next level by cross-posting status messages on their Facebook pages and Twitter accounts allowing social media channels to work as an effective and direct means of communication with parents and students.

Brightspace by D2L

You can customize Brightspace by D2L to perform all the functions listed above and much more.


D2L is the software leader that makes learning experiences better. The company’s cloud-based platform, Brightspace, is easy to use, flexible, and smart. With Brightspace, organisations can personalise the experience for every learner to deliver real results. The company is a world leader in learning analytics: its platform predicts learner performance so that organisations can take action in real-time to keep learners on track. Brightspace is used by learners in higher education, secondary schools, and the corporate sector, including the Fortune 1000. D2L has operations in the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, Brazil, and Singapore.

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