Can Technology Be Used to Improve Performance Management?

Can Technology Be Used to Improve Performance Management?


‘Appraisals’ – an important word in the dictionary of modern professionals working across industries. I am not sure if the word was used in the context that we know today, till the IT-boom happened. A generation ago, the words ‘increment’ and ‘bonus’ were used in day-to-day parlance. The bonus would arrive usually during Diwali and increments would usually take effect in July-August of every year. This was usually linked to the growth and sales generated by the organization and during certain years there would be no increment. Then the growth of the IT sector and the KPO/BPO boom happened that completely changed the economic fibre of the country and the way jobs were perceived in India. Today, entire organizations work on goals mapped at the individual, team and company-level and work towards achieving those goals and improve profits. In today’s blog post, we look at how technology can be used effectively to improve performance management at the modern workplace.

Are Annual Appraisals Losing their Sheen?

We are reaching a point in time wherein some of the world’s top organizations are considering doing away with the annual appraisal. A couple of hours spent in a conference room cannot define in clear terms the work put in by an individual over the course of a year. We are seeing the dawn of a new era wherein regular feedback dissemination and work appraisals will gradually become the norm rather than an exception in a few organizations.

Looking Beyond Salaries

This is a point that we have covered in parts in some of our earlier blog posts as well. Money is not always the only criterion that drives an employee to work. The modern workplace sees young employees looking for challenges to excel, participation in consistent training programs and feedback, and avenues and opportunities to work on new technologies.

Training that Delivers Results

Rather than hiring external trainers to run specific courses; more organizations are shifting towards building their own internal training programs and deploying the courses on an LMS that grants learners anytime-anywhere access to learning programs. L&D and HR Managers now work in tandem to chart out a clear learning schedule for every employee that is linked to their performance appraisals and directly impacts their productivity as well. Internal workplace training is at its most exciting phase in India, as companies realize the importance of grooming talent and retaining skilled employees in the organization and invest in efficient courses and learning management systems.

Day-to-Day Performance Tracking

In the early days, an excel-sheet would go the rounds every evening, wherein junior employees would fill in their task-completion details and forward it to their superiors. Similar consolidated sheets labelled as status-reports would go out on a weekly and monthly-basis and meetings would be held to improve productivity/sales. With the advent of technology, most organizations now have an internal portal or intranet that lets employees fill in the details of their project with real-time inputs.

An LMS can be connected to this intranet and managers can assign employees to complete job-specific courses. The employee completes the course within a specified period and then applies the learning acquired from the course in his/her day-to-day activities.  This data gets recorded in the performance tracking system and can be mapped to chart the employee’s progress in terms of work-efficiency, punctuality and office etiquette and rewarded appropriately when annual salary hikes are discussed. Where required, remedial action can be taken to put the employee through a further round of training or assign him/her to a project that’s better aligned to the employee’s skill-set.

Rewards & Recognition

A wise man once said “Praise in public, criticize in private.” This dictum holds true to a great extent in the corporate arena. A powerful leader is one who is empathetic, understands the strengths and weaknesses of the team, and works to achieve success with the resources on offer. The ‘intranet’ is a great way to appreciate staff and share success stories. A lot of organizations also have the practice of sending internal e-newsletters that showcase the achievements of the top employees of the month or quarter. A kind word and a few lines of appreciation motivate employees to work better and with greater passion.

We may perhaps never again see the mad-cap celebratory parties of the pre-dotcom bust era when every month saw some celebratory party or the other. But there is definitely room for small celebrations and individual awards. Flipkart had a great marketing strategy, which had them showcase success stories of their employees who had risen through the ranks. It put a positive spin on things, made great reading and created a ‘feel-good’ factor around the brand.

Social Learning

Who would have ever thought that a project that started in a college dormitory would turn into an all-powerful billion-dollar business that would hook users onto their phones the world over! Yes, we are talking of Facebook. Facebook is now a powerful advertising tool, a marketplace to sell goods, a news aggregator, a messenger service all rolled into one. The addiction to ‘likes’ is a reflection of the changing psychology of the current generation. This can be used effectively to bring in corporate learning at the workplace with a social twist. Employees can challenge each other to complete small courses and also share their course completion badges or certificates and win reward points which can be redeemed for vouchers! Adding an incentive, to complete eLearning courses improves the level of engagement in the learner and makes the learning process fun rather than a chore.

Leverage the Ingegno Advantage

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